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people Tapas Talk! The most exotic Tapas in Granada, Indian!

tea Moorish tea houses in the Albaicin.

flamenco1 Learn some simple Flamenco steps and dance the night away.
Communicative Cultural Activities in the Speak Spanish! Program at discounted prices.

Tapas Talk!
A weekly cultural language exchange over Sangria and some of the most exotic Tapas in Granada, Indian! Choose from Chicken Tika, Onion Bhaji, Bombay Aloo…(prepared by Taj Mahal Catering) The most delicious and sociable way to practise your Spanish with the natives.

Flamenco Night Out
Learn some simple Flamenco steps and dance the night away in the gypsy caves of the Sacromonte.

Guided Tours
Guided Tours of the Alhambra and historic sites of Granada with our in house official guide.

Cultural Tapas Tours
Visiting some of Granada's most popular Tapas bars inclusive of historic story telling.

Sevillana Dancing Courses
(For both men and women) Sevillana dancing, similar to Flamenco but not so intense, is most popular during the "The Day of the Cross, May" and "The Corpus Christi Fair, June" . In our courses all the vocabulary needed to twist, stamp your feet and make a flirtatious gesture (only for the women!) are pre-taught.

Moorish Belly Dancing Classes
Moorish Belly Dancing is somewhat of a passion here in Granada, where you will be able to learn the basics in order to get up and dance in one of Granada´s Moorish bars in the Albaicin.

Night Clubs
Dance the night away with your colleagues, you can choose between Salsa, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Funky and Jazz.

Film Night

Theatre Evening

Literary conferences


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